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Aluminum Paint

aluminum paint is solvent based paint designed to provide aluminum finish. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and can withstand temperature upto 250 deg C. Good resistance to humidity, condensation and mild chemicals. Can be applied on wood or metal substrate where aluminum finish is required.

Heat Resistant Paint

High performance industrial paint that can resists temperature upto 600 deg C. Designed to deliver humidity resistance and anti corrosive protection. It is a durable coating with water resistance and colour retention. Recommeded use in high temperatire environment such as chimney stacks, pipes, boilers, furnaces, etc.

(available in silver and black shade)

Fire Resistant Paint

Fire resistant paint is high performance solvent based paint. Designed to provide excellent fire protection by creating a thermal barrier. Recommended use in steel structures, Concrete, Wood, Composite structure, etc.

(Available in all shades 

also available in made-to-order in personalized shade as per sample)

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Chlorinated Rubber paint is a single pack fast drying highly water resistant paint. specially used where chemical resistance due to acid and alkali are present. Recommended use in aqueous environments such as swimming pools, Water ducts, Pipes, on concrete structures, etc.

(Available in all shades 

also available in made-to-order in personalized shade as per sample)

Ethyl Zinc Silicate Primer

Ethyl Zinc Silicate primer is a 2 component moisture cured ethyl zinc silicate coating. a Fast curing primer which provides excellent corrossion resistance. Used on Steel structures, Bulk handling equipments, high corrosive environment.

Wash Primer

A 2 pack acid curing wash primer with high corrosion resistance. provides excellent adhesion to non ferrous substrate like aluminum, galvanized steel, etc. Recommended use on all metal substrates particularly aluminum, galvanized steel.

clear wash primer (1-pack) can be applied on aluminum, galvanized steel, alloy steel anodized surfaces, glass surfaces, ceramic surfaces, etc.

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