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Epoxy Primer (Red Oxide/ Zinc Phospate)

Epoxy primer provides protection needed for an effective undercoat. They can be used direct to metal and have high film build. Provides resistance to saline, marine and chemical environments. Can be applied on steel, concrete, aged epoxy coatings, etc.

(Available in Grey, Red, Yellow or as desired)

Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer 

Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer is 2 component epoxy primer. Offers excellent long-term corrosion resistance due to high zinc content. Recommended use In highly Corrosive environment in steel structures damaged galvanized surface

Epoxy Finish Paint

Epoxy finish is a 2-pack general purpose top coat epoxy paint. provides high degree of toughness and flexibility in final film. epoxy finish have excellent chemical, water, acid and alkali resistance.

(Available in all shades 

also available in made-to-order in personalized shade as per sample)

Epoxy High Build MIO Paint/Primer

A 2-component fast dying high solid high build epoxy coating. It Has excellent resistance to moisture and saline environment. Providesgoodresistance to mild chemicals. Recommended use in concrete and steel structure exposed to aggressive conditions

Epoxy Coal Tar

It is high build epoxy coal tar coating which can be applied at high film thickness in one coat. Good resistance to corrosion in marine and subsoil conditions. Provides excellent water resistance. Recommended for use in over prepared steel and concrete in industrial exposures such as marine environment, storage tanks, heavy duty structures, etc.

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