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Lacquer (Synthetic/Epoxy/PU)

Single/ 2 pack solvent based lacquer in synthetic, Epoxy, PU systems. It has high gloss and gloss retention properties. Provides Outstanding durability, Chemical and weather resistance. It has excellent UV , water, oil, grease resistance. Applied on properly cured Epoxy paints, stoving, Enamels and PU-paints. Recommended use Automotive Industries.

Thinners (G.P., Epoxy, NC, PU)

We povide all kinds of thinners for synthetic Enamels, Epoxy, NC, PU Paint systems. Thinners are used for dilution of paint. Thinners to be used as per their respective paint system.

Cleaning Solvents/ Solutions

Our Quality range o anti rust (3 in 1) solution is an excellent multi-functional fluid provides environmentally safe, superior predominance in harsh conditions. it is a versatile solution formulated to remove light grease, oil, mill scale, rust from iron and steel surfaces.

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